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04. září 2013

Active movement is an ideal method of relaxation

Sufficient movement maintains a healthy spirit in a healthy body. It maintains the body condition, helps you to get rid of stress, and generally contributes to your well-being. Humankind managed to find entertainment in almost any environment and period of the year. We perform sport activities alone, in pairs, and in groups. We bike, skate, swim, walk; in winter we hide under the roof and play tennis, bowling, or squash. There are typical sports for men as well as for women. The "young" generations have their own specific sports.

Unfortunately, movement and sport can be associated with problems. If we perform sports inconsistently, our less trained body cannot cope with the least load. We have to be careful of injuries of big joints, distortions or knee injuries. We can have joint ligament pain due to overload. We often forget about the necessary stretching before physical exercise, which may lead to muscle strain. We may get a "contusion", which is bruising caused by a sudden blow to the muscle during contact sports.

How can these "accidents" be avoided? It is good not to overestimate your power and abilities. It is also important to know your limit when you can cope with pain by yourself and when it is time to seek some special help.

You can use the herbal products Horse Balsam or Horse Balsam - herbal liquid with spirit as a preventative measure. Before physical exercise the warming version of the above products is suitable and the cooling version, which provides relief from "heavy" legs and strained muscles, can be used then.
Sportsmen prefer Horse Balsam - Herbal liquid with spirit, because alcohol contained in the product evaporates quickly and the active substances get into the skin faster. Moreover, this liquid form is not greasy.


"Sport, as it is perceived today, has its roots in mankind's oldest activity - war. The movement activities and games that had to steel the warrior, teach him battle skills and rivalry were a part of army exercises. Today, many sports have retained signs of the art of war - archery, horse riding, various forms of wrestling and fencing. Historically, the first marathon participant was a Greek soldier who ran 42 km to Athens to announce the victory of his army against the Persians near the town of Marathon. Religious ritual ceremonies are another source of sport. The victim rituals in the form of a contest have their origin in the town of Olympus and developed into today's Olympic games. The Mayan culture used ball games to predict the future.

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