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04. září 2013

Smart solution for cough It works

You take care of your health each day, take preventive measures, ensure regular intake of vitamins and dress yourself sufficiently. Nevertheless, some seasonal ailments may occur, such as cold, and inflammation of the upper and lower airways associated with cough.

There are three types of cough:

Dry cough is manifested with dry mucous membranes and related pinching pain.

Hoarse cough: This cough occurs when you quickly get cold and its typical symptoms include hoarseness of the voice and breathing problems.

Another type are coughing fits -this cough occurs in phases when you cough in successions so quickly that you are not able to breathe enough and your face gets red. This cough occurs mostly at night when the body is in the lying position.

The new product from Herbamedicus called BADGER OINTMENT is intended for various types of cough. It is a unique herbal product that replaces the proven effect of unavailable badger fat. Badger fat was used in traditional folk medicine as a chest balsam for easing coughing in flu and cold. This product contains a harmoniously balanced mixture of 20 kinds of herbal extracts (sunflower oil, peppermint, pine, white ash, juniper) in organic coconut butter.

When Badger Ointment helps:

  • it has beneficial effects on respiratory symptoms
  • it helps in releasing of the airways
  • it increases blood perfusion of the skin at the application site
  • it helps to release muscles strained by coughing


Badger Ointment is suitable for spreading and massage in the area of the chest, throat, back of the neck, back or forehead and temple area.
Badger Ointment is a natural product that can be used for a long time.

Of course, you should remember several rules taken from the time of our grandmothers. You should mainly consume vitamins and follow a proper drinking regimen. You should also get enough rest.

Horse balsam

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