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04. září 2013

Varicose veins increase with age

What are so-called "varicose veins"

"Varicose veins, also varices or (venous) varixes are the names for a venous venous disease that is manifested by increase, distortion and saccate recesses of the superficial veins, Spider veins, edemas of the lower limbs, pain, pins and needles, tiredness and heavy legs, commonly inflammations (so-called thrombophlebitis). This disease affects most often the lower limbs in which there is high orthostatic pressure."

Varicose veins occur in both genders but they are twice as common in women. There are many causes among which the hereditary causes play a principal role. The incidence rate grows with age, and while in 20-year-olds it occurs in around 10%, in 60-year-olds almost everybody has experienced them. However, not everybody inherits this predisposition to veins. But if they do the occurrence of varicose veins cannot be avoided. What we can influence is the future course of the disease.

These ugly bumps and nodules on the legs are not just an aesthetic problem that can be ignored. Physicians warn that untreated and developed varicose veins are a serious health problem. They may gradually cause impairment of circulation in the lower limbs and crural ulcers. There is also a risk of inflammatory complications - mainly deep vein thrombosis and subsequent embolism.

How can this disease be prevented?

  • perform and support movement of the lower limbs - swim, bike, run, walk, dance.
  • wear shoes with lower heels
  • do not stay a long time in warm conditions and limit saunas or warm baths
  • take a cold water shower - the veins like cold showers because the cold water firms them
  • drink sufficient fluids and maintain a proper lifestyle


Varicose veins can be treated with so-called compression therapy - the aim is to support and reinforce the venous system by means of compression. Another possibility is to use products - ointments, creams, gels, bandages - which have anti-edematous effects.

You can also try Horse Balsam Forte from Herbamedicus for your varicose veins. This product contains high amount of horse chestnut extracts. These extracts are a source of tannins, which take part in increasing of elasticity of the vascular walls and support circulation of the blood. At the same time they improve venous flow and therefore prevent painful edemas. The anti-inflammatory effects are also important.

Horse balsam

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